Veterinary Services

A man wanting veterinary services for a dog

If you would like to make an appointment to see any of our Referral Veterinarians (Surgery, Medicine, Dentistry, or Cardiology), the following information explains the process.

  1. If you haven’t already, please make an appointment with your regular general practice Veterinarian. They will be able to liaise with us on your behalf to determine which department they should refer you to, and when an appointment may be available.
  2. Your regular Veterinarian will advise you of who you will be coming to see at AAERC.
  3. Your regular Veterinarian will write a referral letter for us, detailing your pet’s condition and any current treatments, along with their relevant medical history. Your Veterinarian will email this letter to us on your behalf.
  4. After we have received this information, we are then able to make an appointment for you. Most of the time, this means that you are able to contact us the same day, or the following day, and our friendly reception staff can then schedule an appointment for you. In some cases, your Veterinarian may call us directly and discuss your pet’s case with us on your behalf. Your regular Veterinarian will then advise you on what, if anything you may be required to do, which in most cases will include contacting us to make an appointment.
  5. When you call, our friendly reception staff will advise you of any special preparation you may need to undertake for your pet’s visit. In all cases, we ask that you please bring with you any medication that your pet may currently be prescribed. For some appointments, we may recommend that your pet fasts for some time prior. Our staff will advise you at the time of your call. Phone 08 8371 0333.
  6. Please note, appointments for our Referral Veterinarians are not able to be made after hours.

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